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Paul Breuer began selling vintage clothing twenty years ago, first at Portobello, and then also with Paul’s Place in the Arches of Camden Market. Matt Dawson started working in the market after art college and through there soon came to know and work with Paul.

Living in Camden during her degree Catherine Dawson was a regular customer at the Arches, indulging a passion for 50’s knitwear (and always regretting missing out on an amazing Fleetwood Mac t-shirt at Paul’s Place!) Music being also a great love, she went on to work in the music industry.

With Matt and Paul both being guitarists they’ve been in many bands along the way. However through the years both continued to work in vintage. With Paul and his children already living in Kent, Matt, Catherine and their children decided to make the move too. Seeing such huge potential in the Old Town area of Margate we three couldn’t resist the idea of opening a shop together; a natural progression of our friendship and mutual passion for all things vintage.