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BREUER & DAWSON Have the pleasure of being featured in this piece on Kent.

Here is a snippet:

Paul Breuer and Matt Dawson have worked in the vintage-clothing industry for two decades. Dawson relocated to Kent from London in April last year, drawn, like many Londoners, by the allure of good schools and the notion of a picture-book childhood for his children. “Initially coming here was about the kids, really — fresh air, live by the seaside,” Dawson said. “But now it’s nice to be somewhere vibrant, on the up.” We were standing among the vintage cashmere, brogues and braces of their shop, Breuer & Dawson, in the old quarter of Margate — a knot of winding streets and pleasingly crooked buildings now populated by cupcake cafes, retro furniture stores, a pub that offers a locally sourced menu and an alluringly named tea shop, Lady Tesla’s Loose Leaves and Mud.

“Margate went down furthest and came up quickest,” said Breuer, who has lived in Kent with his family for 10 years. “It’s kind of the last area in Britain that’s as close to London as Brighton” — a town in Sussex often referred to as London-by-the-Sea — “but a world away in terms of attitudes.”


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Stella Magazine. Guide to Margate

Breuer & Dawson, along with some of Margate's finest, feature in Stella Magazines Guide to Margate.